Fallout 4 War Veteran Playthrough Prologue and Information.

This series chronicles a fun Playthrough of Fallout 4 where I do a bit of role-playing to make things interesting. The background is that the pipboy is permanently stuck on the classical music station (unless required by quests) and whenever “The Blue Danube Waltz” plays the character going into a rage and kills everyone in sight except for Dogmeat (In this playthrough Dogmeat is treated as a combat therapy dog). I do have mods installed to aid in allowing other NPC’s to be killed. I will be using only the following weapons and armor to go along with the military veteran background:
Armor: Brotherhood of Steel officer uniform, Full set of Combat armor minus the Helmet, Assault Gas Mask. All armor has appropriate mods to add represent an advanced miltary technology.

Weapons: Western Revolver (personal choice as I like the design), .308 Combat Rifle, Combat shotgun. All weapons also have mods for same reason as armor.


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