Fallout 4 War Veteran Playthrough Episode 1: A New Beginning

This playthrough starts like any other. I created my character, named Vince, and decided that he’d have the background of a war veteran who goes into a blind rage anytime he hears “Flight of the Valkyries” and “The Blue Danube Waltz” (I will keep the pipboy set to play only the Classical radio station unless quests dictate otherwise). The only companion that would be safe from the mindless killing would be Dogmeat as thus I would be treating him as a type of therapy dog.

Once I completed the opening of the game and walked out of Vault 111 I made my way to Sanctuary and met up with Codsworth as is standard with a new playthrough. After clearing out the bug infestation from Sanctuary I began to use my loaded mods to create miltary armor and weapons that fit the motif I am aiming for. I then decided to clean up my settlement a bit and do a little bit of building. I had just completed a home when my first trigger song hit. “The Blue Danube Waltz” came over the radio station and I turned my character into a raging, bloodthirsty killer. The only downside is that the only beings present for this rage were Codsworth and Trashcan Carla Thus the first casualties of this playthrough came to be.

As the song continued to play I made my way towards Concord hoping to at least run into some raiders. Unfortunately the song ended after I met Dogmeat and killed some radroaches. I decided to continue towards Concord to meet Preston and send them to Sanctuary. Ironically, as well as fittingly, “Flight of the Valkyries” came over the airwaves as I approached the Museum of History. The song ended after I had killed the raiders outside and most of them inside the museum. I then traveled with Preston and his crew back to Sanctuary and after several in game days, helped them to establish themselves.

I then headed towards Diamond city because I wanted to get to the Egret Tours settlement to set up a private HQ for my characters future plans. It was along this journey that several more casualties met their fate due to my blind rage. The raiders and poor folks at Drumlin Diner died when “The Blue Danube Waltz” played just as I approached. And the saddest was the woman who lived at Egret Tours died after welcoming me when the previous song came graced my ears once more. It was here I decided to end my day.

Major Characters killed: 1

Minor Characters killed: 4


Fallout 4 playthrough update

It’s taking a bit longer to make sure I have content for episode one. In the meantime I have decided to add a second song that will cause this character to “snap” and kill everything in sight, this song is “Flight of the Valkyries”. In the meantime I will be make other posts until I have enough content to write episode one. Thank you for your patience.

Fallout 4 War Veteran Playthrough Prologue and Information.

This series chronicles a fun Playthrough of Fallout 4 where I do a bit of role-playing to make things interesting. The background is that the pipboy is permanently stuck on the classical music station (unless required by quests) and whenever “The Blue Danube Waltz” plays the character going into a rage and kills everyone in sight except for Dogmeat (In this playthrough Dogmeat is treated as a combat therapy dog). I do have mods installed to aid in allowing other NPC’s to be killed. I will be using only the following weapons and armor to go along with the military veteran background:
Armor: Brotherhood of Steel officer uniform, Full set of Combat armor minus the Helmet, Assault Gas Mask. All armor has appropriate mods to add represent an advanced miltary technology.

Weapons: Western Revolver (personal choice as I like the design), .308 Combat Rifle, Combat shotgun. All weapons also have mods for same reason as armor.